About Us

The company was founded in 1998 and specializes in solutions and advanced technological applications for the construction industry.

Erwin Schillinger, the founder and CEO, has led this field in Israel since 1985 and has a vast and versatile experience.

The company has specialized solely on planning, consulting, supervising and execution of cladding, roofing and ventilated facade systems in all types of materials: aluminum, zinc, copper, lead, terra cotta, Prodema (natural wood on HPL), enamel and stone.

Indan has the ability to plan and implement cladding systems for public, commercial and private buildings, using a unique computerized modeling system and 3D software for building spatial elements, which provide solutions for curtain walls, facades and roofs with innovative suspension technology and advanced materials.

Since 2005, Indan has joined the Green Building Revolution with light steel frame computerized manufacturing for building skeletons. We understand the economic and ethic values of this field, and the knowledge that this might be the most important, developing, advanced and most influential field in the construction industry.

The advantage of light steel frame enables high-quality, advanced and mostly greener construction and places the company at the forefront of the industry.

Even today, the company continues its search for materials, methods and new technologies that will continue and enhance the quality, speed and sustainability of the projects it chooses to execute.

The company's executives believe in sustainability and that investing in the development, a thorough study and expertise in green building will bring the industry to a perception change in the coming years and will enable a more sustainable world for future generations.