A 5281 Green Building standart house

This House combines passive climatic design, excellent thermal envelope and advanced systems, As part of its 5281 Green Building Standard.1. Using simulation software tool for planning - Sun, natural lighting, wind direction, simulations etc, to predict the buildings energy consumption.2. Construction: Light Gauge Steel Frame computerized manufacturing.3. Injection of super light concrete to walls and roof insulation.4. Architectural concrete slabs - ventialted facade system.5. shading system using composite bamboo profiles6. cladding:PRODEMA - weather resistant wood without treatment.7. underfloor solar air conditioning8. Solar power.10. Night radiation system to improve efficiency of air-conditioning system11. Smart Electricity12. Water recycling system13. Rising pool cover for shading and extra deck space.14. Cost-effective lighting15. "Silicone-free" alumina windows with electric blinds adjustable shading and easy handling .