Green Building

Light steel frame using computerized manufacturing.

A few facts:

An average person spends about 90% of his life in buildings.

40% of the world's energy is consumed in buildings.

97% of the energy produced in Israel is originated from fossil fuels.

70% of the world's oil comes from undemocratic regimes.

In 2050 the world's population will be 12 billion people.

These facts have severe environmental, economic and social consequences.

Reducing dependence on fossil energy sources and minimizing the impact of natural resources is possible and is in our hands.

Sustainable construction (Green) can be an important component in solving the problem.

Sustainable construction is not a luxury for the rich. It is imperative!

We believe that buildings can, and should, be part of the solution - not the problem.

The solution is here!

Let us build a promising and sustainable future.