System's Advantages

Recycling - steel is 100% recyclable.

Less Material – Light steel enables high weight/strength ratio, thus saving a lot of material. Additionally, transportation costs decrease.

Green materials - insulation materials based on cellulose or soy oils and organic cladding materials, or with low environmental impact.

No waste - using computerized manufacturing prefabricated elements allows a clean site, minimizing the quantities of waste.

Superior thermal performance - building shell layers allows control of thermo acoustic lineup and adjusting to the environment and customer requirements.

Flexibility - design of the building is done with maximum consideration for future changes. The method allows these changes easily and without major investment and destruction.

Speed ​​– only one third of time needed for conventional concrete block building. The skeleton is made entirely by machine and consists of a detailed assembly plan. Other elements of the shell are assembled easily and accurately on the skeleton.

Strength - 10 times more resistant to earthquakes. Light steel frame ability to absorb shocks and release the power without compromising the strength of the structure.

Quality - a computerized production - precise assembly.

Durability - minimal maintenance - no cracks, no wet spots, no peeling.

Building add-ons - frame is easily raised to the roof and work ends quietly and quickly. without disturbance to residents.

Load on the foundations of the building is 3 times lower than that of conventional elements.

 Work environment remains clean.